Head Check:$20.00 for first $10 each after

Treatment: $80.00 per hour 

Terminator comb: $15.00


What should I do to prepare for the appointment?

Having the hair that is to be treated brushed out and tangle free will really help shorten the length of the treatment process.

Is it safe? 

Yes! Nit Nanny treatments are 100% pesticide free and done with gentle caring hands. Nit Nanny uses a safe, gentle, and biodegradable plant based enzyme to loosen the nit glue and stun the bugs for easier removal. Nit Nanny strives to be the most environmentally responsible treatment option for you, your family, and our planet. 

How long will the treatment take? 

This question is always tricky to answer since there are so many variables. Appointments tend to average 1 1/2 hours but times can vary depending on length and thickness of hair and the severity of the infestation. Once lice treatment is complete I will schedule a quick follow up appointment for the following week to make sure that those bugs and nits are gone!

Do you recommend combing 2 days later?

Personally, I do. Nit Nanny treatment is designed to eliminate all of the bugs and nits from the hair but you or your child still may be coming into contact with the source of your infestation during the weeks following treatment, therefore, I think continuing to comb for a short time after the treatment is a insurance for you and your family that re infestation will not occur. You will get to keep the Terminator comb used during your treatment to enable you and your family to remain lice free!

Do you offer a guarantee? 

I offer customer satisfaction. I will remain on call for your family for 4 weeks following your treatment to answer any questions or concerns, and I will come to help if lice are found present. I refrain from using the word "guarantee" because I do not want to give clients the false impression that I have some magic bullet that will prevent your family from coming into contact with lice again, and I will freely share great tips, advice, and tools that will empower you to prevent lice infestations in the future. 

Do I use olive oil?

This is a new question I have been asked recently so I felt I should answer it here on my website. No, I do not use olive oil. If a viscous substance is required (in the case of lots of nymphs) my personal preference is to use conditioner. I find conditioner much easier to clean from the hair after treatment and easier to clean from my equipment as well, also, it will save your shirt from accidental stains. I am not aware of any reason one of these products be superior to other, I think it is just up to the company as to which they prefer to work with.