Nits on hair

Magnified nit

The facts of lice

Certain enzymes  can
help loosen

nit glue and

stun the bugs

to ​make them

easier to remove!

Cycle of lice...

Lice HATE mint!

try adding

some to your 

favorite hair 


  • Head lice cannot jump or fly!
  • Having head lice does not mean you have poor hygiene, in fact they tend to prefer clean hair.
  • You cannot get head lice from your pets, nor can you give it to them. 
  • Some lice are now resistant to over the counter lice treatments.
  • Certain lice shampoos contain pesticides that can be absorbed by the scalp.
  • You cannot wash away lice in the shower or drown them in the pool.
  • 99% of head lice infestation is started with head to head contact.
  • There is only a 1% chance of getting head lice from an brush, hat, comb...etc. 
  • Lice can survive in a buzz cut.
  • Mayo and a plastic bag will not cure head lice, but it may cause Salmonella! 
  • There is not yet a product that can kill lice eggs (nits)
  • Manually removing ALL of the lice and nits from the hair is still the BEST lice treatment.
  • Nits will not hatch once they are away from the warmth of the head.
  • Human head lice live on the human head only! They are not all over the house, or in the car. Focusing your efforts on their environment (the head) will get rid of them! Exhausting whole house cleaning and the bagging of toys is not necessary to get rid of lice!