Lice, what can I say, it nearly drove me mad when I was trying to treat my own daughters case. As luck has it there are people out there that are willing to come help treat head lice so you don't have to face this frustrating pest alone! In 2010 I proudly joined the ranks of other certified companies in "The Shepherd Method TM" of lice and nit removal. I love being able to provide this sanity saving and convenient service for all of the wonderful families in our beautiful Portland/Vancouver area! Call me and I can come help!

Gonna get that louse right outta your hair!

-sings Nit Nanny on her way to her next appointment 

100% Natural

pesticide free

in home

Lice Treatment

Meet the Nit Nanny: Lonnie Jo Lane

Nit Nanny provides a professional, discrete, and super convenient mobile lice treatment service. I come to you with all the equipment necessary to get rid of those lice and nits in the comfort of your own home.