Nit Nanny 

Professional head lice treatment here in SW Washington and Portland Oregon Metro area!
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Nit Nanny has moved to SW Washington!!  I am still able to work with families in the Portland area, and now I am able to better serve the communities of SW Washington!!

Nit Nanny provides a professional, discreet, and effective in home, natural head lice treatment serving the Portland Oregon metro area. Nit Nanny is the first service in town to be certified in The Shepherd Method™ a technique that has been researched and proven to be safe and the
effective means of treating head lice infestation. There are no shortcuts. With checks and rechecks
The Shepherd Method™ examines each strand of hair until ALL lice and nit evidence is removed. A recheck is then scheduled for one week later to ensure the treatment was successful and no re contact has occurred.

Products used during a Nit Nanny pesticide free treatment are organic, non toxic, and biodegradable. Many of the head lice remedies you will at the drug store may contain harmful pesticides, harsh chemicals, confusing instructions, and an ineffective little plastic combs that can leave viable nits behind.  When these nits hatch they are now immune to the original treatment that was used. This can lead to a very expensive and ongoing cycle of re infestation and re treatment after re infestation and re treatment.  Having experienced this  firsthand, I truly understand the frustration and anxiety an ongoing head lice infestation can have.  A Nit Nanny service call can have your family lice and nit free within a few hours replacing the need for weeks of nit picking, trips to the drugstore, missed work, missed school, missed activities, and seemingly endless loads of laundry.  Comparatively this makes a professional Nit Nanny treatment the most affordable way to treat a head lice infestation. Treat once and recheck, that is the Nit Nanny way. No further treatments necessary. So, if you are experiencing head lice in SW Washington, Save yourself the grief and expense of dealing with lice alone. Call in a professional, relax, and get it done!


Loni Lane

Founder and Operator of Nit Nanny

PS. Studies have been done in regard to the difficulty of treating head lice. You are truly not alone!  Click here to read more!

PPS. Nit Nanny is proud to be an Eco friendly, sustainable small business.
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